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Sad to Leave Conetoe, NC...

It was sad to leave Conetoe, N.C. on Monday where we attended an inspiring service at the Missionary Baptist Church and visited the Conetoe Family Life Center and their impressive community garden. Here’s a CNN story about the center and Rev. Richard Joyner’s leadership there.

“It's an effort Joyner started after watching many of his parishioners die from preventable diseases...

“So Joyner started a community garden and enlisted local children to help him care for it.

“Today, his nonprofit, the Conetoe Family Life Center, manages more than 20 plots of land, including one 25-acre site.

“More than 80 young people help Joyner plan, plant and harvest nearly 50,000 pounds of fresh food a year. Much of this produce is given away to local residents. But the students also sell the food -- including their own brand of honey -- to businesses and restaurants, raising money for school supplies and scholarships.

“The children also learn how to cook the food in a nutritious way, steering their families toward better choices at home...”…/…/24/us/cnn-heroes-joyner/index.html

-- Rick Hind, tour crew

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