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Peace Out, Pacific!

Port of Half Moon Bay, California

7800 miles later, we now start to make our way east on the #AmericaTheBountiful tour. Adios, Pacific Ocean! We picked up a special guest today, too: David Battey, Kathy Ozer's husband. For those who may not know, Kathy was the National Family Farm Coalition's long time executive director who passed away last year. David is pictured with Kathy's hat that we have hung inside the RV - to learn more you can read my "Kathy Ozer's Hat" blog…/05/kathy-ozers-hat.h…

Next stop: Central Valley of California to meet with farmers who are part of the California Dairy Campaign. But first, thanks to Stephanie Webb for joining me in Half Moon Bay, and for the great conversation around the future of fisheries, how to elevate the voices of community based fishermen, support values-based fishing operations, and build a better connection between fishermen and seafood eaters and the public. It was refreshing to walk up and down HMB fish pier and see names of boats and what species they are brining to shore that day. It was also good to see so many people walking away with bags filled with salmon racks and whole fish.

Thanks, Stephanie, for teaching us about what's happening in the central coast of California and beyond!

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