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Montana, a Gallery

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

We learned so much when we were in Montana; from ranchers such as Steve Charter who taught us about soil health, native grasses, and vermicast; to farmers nurturing the diversity of animals and plants on their land for their local food system; to those growing veggies in vertical indoor gardens... so much going on in the #BigSkyCountry. Huge thanks to the Western Organization of Resource Councils, Northern Plains Resource Council team and members for helping us reach and surpass our hopes while visiting Montana.

Nash Family Farmers with NAMA and NFFC

Nash Farm

Left: chickens in the orchard; center: Dexter Shorthorns; right: group discussion

Nash Farm

Growing hops in the greenhouse

Brittany and her basil

Charter Farm: Steve surveying his land

Charter Farm: Adding nutrients back to the soil

Vermicasts (left) and Sieve for worm casts (right)

Charter Farm

left: Steve at the worm bins; center: sunset on the farm; right: Elliot, Steve, Niaz

Dinner with Northern Plains Resource Council

Western Organization of Resource Councils

Niaz and Montana farmer Dena Hoff (black shirt) led a lively discussion on how the combined voices of food producers, both land and water, can steer policy to be more fair and equitable, while also making food healthier and more sustainable.

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