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Louisville, KY

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

By Niaz Dorry--

Greetings from Louisville, Kentucky! Two weeks into the #AmericaTheBountiful Tour. What an amazing trip it's been so far... will be posting a new blog soon. In the meanwhile, can't thank the crew who joined me and Elliott Snow during the first two weeks of this tour. They all left us yesterday! Feels a little lonely without you all on this big RV Rick Hind, Susan Hoague (for Ted!), Ali Berlow, Lorette Picciano, Quinton Robinson, Karen Arcamonte, and Tom Kelly. Below's our goodbye selfie with three of them yesterday morning, and some photos of today's happenings with the Community Farm Alliance in Berea and London, Kentucky, including a visit with the Laurel County African American Heritage Center Inc. that is farming up a storm! National Family Farm Coalition Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

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