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Hatteras and Conetoe

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Two of the many inspiring communities along the America the Bountiful Tour 2018 who epitomize the bridging of family fishing communities and family farms is the collaboration of Hatteras and Conetoe (pronounced “Coneeda”), NC. The Cape Hatteras Secondary School (CHSS) students run a fish hatchery, tend bees & grow vegetables and the Missionary Baptist Church in Conetoe has a 25 acre vegetable garden with a bus load of bee hives run by students. The students from both communities now regularly visit each other and share their bounty.

Check out this video of the 2015 Seafood Throwdown. Watch for CHSS Food & Nutrition & Marketing Education Teacher Evan Ferguson and Conetoe’s Rev. Richard Joyner (one of the Throw Down judges) both of whom have helped lead the collaboration of these communities in which much more than food is ultimately shared.…

This sense of community in which people help each other daily as well as in times of urgent need, such as hurricanes, seems to stem from their shared sense of family - a core value that serves them well.

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