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America The Bountiful Tours: Uniting family farmers, ranchers, and fishermen

Why We're Traveling

On May 1, 2018 the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance and the National Family Farm Coalition entered into an innovative shared-leadership model. To kickstart it all, we hit the road because we believed there’s no better way to celebrate the bridging of our farming and fishing communities than with an epic two-month long road trip that will bring us straight to the piers and plows of those who lead our work. We were right! In the end we traveled nearly 13,000 miles visiting 67 mostly rural farming and fishing communities. We also learned that once isn't enough.


One of the major issues raised by those who welcomed us is "nobody comes here." The feeling of isolation isn't just a physical one; when we don't get to experience the lives of people as they live it we can't understand the impact of our actions and our policies. We need to go where those who lead our work live and work more often. This website is a journal of these trips telling the stories of those who feed us through our first hand experiences.

Check our postcards from the road

Our stories from the road highlight the individual as well as shared experiences of farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. Through these stories we want to show the truth behind the places where our food is grown, raised or caught, and what it really takes to provide food to the rest of us. 

Stay In Touch

Do you farm, ranch, or fish? Can we visit you along our ways? Please drop us a note and tell us more about your business and what the world needs to understand about how you fish, farm, or ranch.

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